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Supporting you today to restore and rebalance health for a brighter tomorrow.

 Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Energetically

Life is an interesting and yet challenging journey at times. Each of us will all face situations where we are in need of a helping hand.


Maybe you are feeling physically exhausted, or in pain, having difficultly sleeping, or are seeking to restore balance on a emotional level.


Whatever is troubling you, kinesiology enables the root cause of the symptom to be identified and worked through in a safe and confidential space to bring about a positive change.


I am a qualified psychotherapist, kinesiologist and vibrational medicine practitioner. For me, it is both rewarding and a privilege to support a person on their journey to heal, overcome life’s challenges and be their optimum self.


Through the use of gentle muscle testing, I am able to detect functional imbalances within the body and assess my client as a whole. Kinesiology takes away the guesswork and finds out exactly what the body needs to repair the presenting symptom and restore balance.


Restoration of Balance

When a person is re-balanced and their natural vibration is restored back to their optimum level, improvements are not only seen in their presenting symptoms but also to other important areas of the person’s life such as relationships, home and work. This is because we are integrative beings, our body, mind and spirit are connected. Through restoring balance to one aspect of a person’s being, the other connected aspects will also receive healing.