Vibrational Medicine Info
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Vibrational Medicine Info

Vibrational Medicine is a relatively new term which describes something that is probably a very ancient form of healing and diagnosis. It is a terminology used for the modern world, which affirms that human beings are complex energetic systems, rather than just a sophisticated grand machine.  Vibrational Medicine is ultimately the art and science of healing the body with energy.   


We know that the entire universe is made up of forms of oscillating vibrating energy, whether this be light, colour, sound or magnetism… everything is a form of vibration and energy. Science has begun to explore into the atomic world that makes up all of the particles of matter. It turns out that that when we get down the microscopic world of sub atomic particles, what we thought was solid particles of matter, are actually pulsating vibrating energy compressed into little tiny packets which we call quanta of energy. So the concept of the word being a place of solid matter is really a kind of illusion.    


The body, as an energy system, can therefore be looked at in terms of whether or not the energy is flowing correctly in the body, and we can also use the concept of energy to diagnosis where something is going wrong in the body because the energy in the system is not behaving properly. In other words, we are not talking about a mechanistic view of the body, we are talking about an energetic view of the body. 


Vibrational medicine diagnoses illness by measuring these energies of the body but also involves treating illness using pure forms and different frequency of energy called ‘life energy’ from living organisms such as plants, flower essences, fossils and homeopathic remedies. Vibrational Medicine is the method of treating illness by using specific energy and frequencies required by an individual’s body in order to repair and restore health.